#TBT: Kabogo insults to Kiambu women

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo's 2017 defeat was largely connected to the insults that he used on Kiambu women and his perceived arrogance to the people of Kiambu.

Here are statements that Kabogo use while campaigning and interacting with Kiambu County citizens although he has denied.

1. Women, I will give you KSh 400, KSh200 for a biker and KSh 200 for panties because your husband's can't afford that for you.

kg12. Nyinyi kaeni chini, hata viwete huwa wanapewa maziwa kwa bakuli wakiwa wameketi chini!(All of you sit down, even the cripples are given milk in bowls while they are seated down) 

3. My money can be used as fuel to cook a 200 litre barrel of njahi(black beans), and I'd still have some left over

4. It's not you who will elect me, it's my money. 

5. I can treat your daughters by giving them money. But I am a man, I can't take a hen and it's eggs (meaning he is rich).

6. I was elected on the might of my money. I will not die if you will not elect me. I am not looking for circumcision fee. No one can intimidate me because of an election outcome.