I'll support you fully - Wamatangi assures market traders


Market Traders in Kiambu county have reached an agreement with the new county administration to build high standards and improve cleanliness to the existing markets.

The agreement was reached during a meeting between the market committee leaders and Governor kimani Wamatangi.

Speaking in the meeting with the market traders Governor Wamatangi, said his administration will ensure that local markets are built to the highest standards.

I listened to the concerns and challenges in the Kiambu local markets as shared by market leaders during a meeting held at the Kiambu County HQ Grounds.
My administration will be at the forefront of ensuring that local markets are built to the highest standards, that cleanliness is maintained, and that infrastructure is kept in good working order through regular repairs and proper use.
The market leaders in their committees will be involved in scrutinising market projects and ensuring work by contractors is of the highest quality. - Wamatangi said


 According to Wamatangi manifesto, People and resources are the most important pillars of social economic and transformation for his government.