SHOCK: Simon Warunge confess to the murder of his parents

The main suspect in the murder of five family members in Kagongo has confessed he killed them one by one before hitting the road to destroy evidence .

Lawrence Warunge who is a second-year student in Mt.Kenya University(BBIT) confessed that he chose to kill his family members because they were talking bad of him behind his back.

He told the detectives that plans to wipe out everyone including his two sisters who are alive failed when the two returned to school on 5th December 2020.

A detailed police report said that Warunge, a 22-year-old descended upon his family members without remorse, killing them one by one before hitting the road to destroy evidence.


1. He first killed James Kinyanjui the Mason who lived a few meters from the main house.

2. He then entered the main house attacked his mother Anne Wanjiku who was in the kitchen and then his 12-year-old brother who had responded to his mother’s distress call.

3. Warunge then attacked his father Nicholas Waruinge who had jumped from the balcony, attempting to escape the attack.

4. He finished by killing his cousin, a 13-year-old boy who was hiding under the bed.

"I stabbed my cousin with a 9-inch knife despite him kneeling and pleading for mercy" - Warunge confessed.

Before the murder, Warunge told detectives that he had gone online to research on the best way to execute the crime.

To ensure that none of my family would survive, "I would hit them on the head with a metal bar, stab them multiple times on the chest before slitting their throat" Warunge Confessed.

After commiting all the crimes, Waruinge escaped after packing his crime clothes in a bag including several phones and the murder weapons to Njikase, a village in Mai-Mahiu where they had rented a room with his girlfriend.

He then threw away the knife, the crime clothes and one house key in a public toilet. He later went to a nearby valley where he burned other items including a mobile phone.

His girlfriend Sarah Muthoni who was also arrested after the crime is in police custody aiding police with more clues on this murder.

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